Twitter rallies around an onlooker in London stabbing attack with #YouAintNoMuslimBruv

Published December 6th, 2015 - 12:12 GMT
A friendly reminder that people still know terrorism and religion do not go hand in hand. (Twitter)
A friendly reminder that people still know terrorism and religion do not go hand in hand. (Twitter)

A man is gaining notoriety in the Twittersphere after being heard shouting in a video of police apprehending the stabbing suspect in a London underground station.

The assailant, who can be seen in the video lying facedown in the station and held down by police, launched a knife attack on three people in the station Saturday night, the Guardian reports. One man suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries, while the other two were treated for minor wounds. Witnesses say the stabber shouted: "This is for Syria," while carrying out the attack. 

The clip, shot by London rapper Big Tobz, shows the arrest but not Twitter's new hero. As police clear the area, you just hear a voice offscreen yelling: "You ain't no Muslim, bruv, you're an embarrassment." Here's the clip. 

The man behind the voice has not been identified, but online, it's tranformed into a stance against conflating terrorism with religion and attackers with disciples. The comment spawned the hashtag #YouAintNoMuslimBruv, which has been trending since last night. On it, people praised the unknown man and hailed the statement as a perfect response to the attack. 

On the heels of both the San Bernardino shooting and a UK's flash vote to begin bombing targets in Syria, this comes at a time of heightened tensions and big questions about the global threat of Daesh (ISIS) and other extremists.

On this backdrop, American Muslims fear a fresh, Islamaphobic tide may be on the horizon, while the effects of the same anti-Islam sentiments are already apparent in the UK.  The man's indignation about the attacker is a welcome reminder that terrorism and religion don't go hand in hand. Turns out, there's still plenty of people that remember that. Have a look at some of the responses below. 



Some commenters read the situation differently, but luckily, everyone was pretty quick to clear it up.

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