The San Bernardino shooting has sparked a massive blame game online

Published December 5th, 2015 - 02:28 GMT
People are blaming guns, religion and Daesh. (AFP/File)
People are blaming guns, religion and Daesh. (AFP/File)

Yesterday’s attack at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California, saw 14 people killed in the worst mass shooting since Sandy Hook. In response to such a horrific tragedy, many people understandably sent their thoughts and prayers to the victims and their loved ones.

However in the confusion surrounding the specifics of the event, the Internet became a veritable beehive of arguments and blame. Those on both sides of the political spectrum pointed out the others’ contradictions and hypocrisy, while vehemently defending their own stances.

Many are suspicious that the attack may have been related to Islamic extremism, but there are also voices calling for people to exercise caution in their judgements. It has sparked questions about why every attack carried out by a Muslim is deemed terrorism.


As is normal in these situations, the debate also moved to gun control.


Some directly blamed the Republicans.


Others argued that the Democrats should apologize for what they percieved as inaction against Daesh on the part of President Obama.


There were those who got the name wrong, blaming the Turkish president for the attacks after certain media outlets gave his name as that of one of the suspects.


 People bringing Syrian refugees into the equation was—of course—to be expected.


Some celebrity personalities gave their opinion, with comedian Amy Schumer advocating increased gun control.


And of course, the conspiracy theorists believe that the US government is responsible. For whatever reason that may be.

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