US authorities claim that an American tried to join al-Nusra because of gay marriage

Published December 26th, 2015 - 09:38 GMT
Apparently Daesh was too brutal for him. (AFP/Fadi al-Halabi)
Apparently Daesh was too brutal for him. (AFP/Fadi al-Halabi)

Authorities in the US have claimed that a 22-year-old man’s dissatisfaction with the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage drove him to try and join Jabhat al-Nusra. The Daily Beast reports that Adam Safi of Fremont, California, found Daesh a little too brutal for his liking and thus chose to join the al-Qaeda affiliate instead.

He was arrested in June while attempting to board a flight to Turkey. A criminal complaint released by the FBI last week gave the reasons US authorities alledge pushed him into extremism.

“Adam was discouraged with the politics and direction of the United States, citing the recent Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage, and wanted to be in a country of people of similar mindset and religion as himself,” is reads, according to The Daily Beast.

Originally planning to join Daesh, he changed his mind after deciding that the group was too brutal and killed too many Muslims.

Last August, Shafi disappeared while on a trip to Egypt, leading his father to warn the US embassy that he may have fled to Syria. He had gone to Turkey and met a friend, although he told the FBI that he was only there to see the condition of Syrian refugees.

At that time, he allegedly sent a message to a relative saying that he was going to protect Muslims.

Shafi was denied bail on Tuesday for fears he might attempt to flee.

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