Was It 'Rescued' or Stolen From Iraq? Queen Elizabeth's Gold Piano Divides Twitter Users

Published December 30th, 2018 - 12:09 GMT
Queen Elizabeth during her Christmas annual speech with the controversial gold piano behind her. (AlBawaba)
Queen Elizabeth during her Christmas annual speech with the controversial gold piano behind her. (AlBawaba)

As Queen Elizabeth’s Christmas Day speech for 2018 could not get more controversial, more people went to weigh in on the debate regarding the gold piano that appeared in the background.

The debate sparked on Christmas Day, when the Queen went to address the nation with her annual Christmas message. She appeared in a video while sitting at a desk in the White Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace, lecturing about the respect of others despite all differences and to celebrate the differences. She also talked about her long experience in life and her wish for lasting peace.

However, the apperance of the 92-year-old monarch in the video with a fancy gold piano in the background seemed to have offended many people who accused the Queen of outright hypocrisy.

It did not take but a few hours before there was a backlash against the Queen who, for some, was lecturing the nation on social issues while sitting with her back to a gold piano.

The photo was widely shared among users who poked fun at it.

Supporters of the royal family jumped on the bandwagon and defended the Queen.

Among the controversial comments was a comment from Jackie Bird, a Scottish journalist and BBC anchor, who went to defend the Queen. Bird suggested that the gold piano was not a property of the Queen, however, it was “rescued” from Iraq, from the late Saddam Hussein’s palace during the Gulf War in 1990, which in other words, means it was “looted” which is even worse.

Bird’s tweet took Twitter users by storm with thousands of comments being made and retweeted.

Some users went on to correct Bird, suggesting she can say the piano was “stolen” and/or “looted” from Iraq but not rescued.

Meanwhile, other media reports confirmed the gold piano is part of the art Royal Collection that is made up of more than 1 million objects owned by the British royal family.

Also they added that the piano was not made of gold, but mahogany, painted and gilt in gold.

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