Why are Black Americans Joining the ‘Blexit’ Movement?

Published October 29th, 2018 - 02:30 GMT
Pro-Trump rapper Kanye West launches 'Blexit' T-shirts and hats for the campaign. (AFP/FilePhoto)
Pro-Trump rapper Kanye West launches 'Blexit' T-shirts and hats for the campaign. (AFP/FilePhoto)

Talks about the “Blexit” campaign in the US have ignited debates over culture, history and identity in the United States. Especially after it was announced that Kanye West had designed T-shirts and hats for the campaign to encourage more people to leave the Democractic Party.

On Saturday, at a meeting of Turning Point USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit - for young black conservatives - the communication director of the organization, Candace Owens, announced that her fellow “superhero” and friend, Kanye West, had made designs of T-shirts and hats for the “Blexit” campaign.

Owens, who has been known for her pro-Trump views and controversial criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement, applauded West for taking the initiative and openly discussing how black people need to move away from the Democratic party, in what is called: “Blexit”.

A short term for “Black Exit” is actually believed to be mimicking the UK term, "Brexit" - Britain’s exit from the EU. The national movement is used to describe the black people’s “release” from political “orthodoxy” after decades of alliance to the Democratic Party in US.

Recently, the young black generation have been seeing a tendency to leave the left and realize the fact that they are being manipulated by the Democrats who lied for decades about taxes and left cities such as Chicago riddled with violence and gun-crime.

On the other hand, some Americans accused the mainstream media in the US of ignoring covering the “Blexit”.

Meanwhile, the #Walkaway campaign is suggesting that 'liberals' leave the Democratic Party. Both campaigns seem to be based around social media, with criticism or outright condemnation from left leaning media outlets.

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