Yemen ‘looks like Syria after 5 years,’ here’s why

Published September 14th, 2015 - 01:43 GMT
Welcome to the crippling Gulf conflict no one's remembering. (AFP/File)
Welcome to the crippling Gulf conflict no one's remembering. (AFP/File)

In the wide shadow of Europe's refugee crisis and Daesh, Yemen has become little more than a tiny dot of rubble in the Middle East's mosiac of conflict. 

But the reality is since Saudi-led airstrikes began targeting Shiite Houthi rebel positions across the country earlier this year, the country's plight has become dire enough to raise comparisons to its Levantine neighbor, Syria. 

Thing is, Syria looks the way it does after five years of constant conflict. Yemen's been under siege for just five months. 

Saudi Arabia's been accused of dropping cluster bombs on civilian areas and preventing aid shipments from entering the country. Meanwhile, hospitals across the country are closing without supplies or resources, casualties keep climbing and most of the world has already forgotten about the conflict.

The Middle East Eye shows how bad the fighting has become this week, reminding us that war is grinding on in the Gulf country whether we're paying attention or not.

Watch it below. Via YouTube.


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