At least 25 killed in Iraq blasts

Published May 19th, 2011 - 09:54 GMT
Iraq blasts
Iraq blasts

Twin bombing attacks against policemen in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk killed at least 25 people on Thursday, most of them police officers. According to the AP, scores were injured in the double blasts, and a third blast 45 minutes later on a road to a city hospital brought the number of injured to at least 70, said provincial health director Siddiq Oman.

Kirkuk police Capt. Abdul Salam Zangana said the first blast, in a central Kirkuk parking lot at about 9 a.m., sent policemen rushing outside their secure headquarters compound to investigate. That's when the second bomb hit, Zangana said.

The third bomb set cars and trucks ablaze when it exploded about 500 meters away, targeting a police patrol near a mosque, said Zangana. 


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