Syrian mufti denies joining protesters

Published April 20th, 2011 - 04:31 GMT
Sheikh Ahmed Badr Hassoun
Sheikh Ahmed Badr Hassoun

Syria's state-appointed Sunni mufti, Sheikh Ahmed Badr Hassoun on Wednesday denied what was aired on Al Arabiya channel regarding his backing to the Syrian protesters, describing the news as "fabricated" He said the channel tried to create a rift between the country's leaders and the sons of the nation.

Grand Mufti Hassoun also lamented the "loss of credibility and honesty in our Arab media that we expect to be the flags for protecting Arab blood." According to him, what was aired by Al-Arabiya was a small part of his words within a long speech he delivered in the town of Alsanamein in the province of Dara'a when he went there offering condolences to its victims in the recent protests.

Al-Arabiya claimed on Monday that " Mufti Hassoun joined the revolution in Syria," quoting part of his speech when he said the protest are "a matter of freedom." 


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