DJ producer and remixer Kaan Gokman presents Club Harem

DJ producer and remixer Kaan Gokman presents Club Harem
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Published August 14th, 2010 - 08:24 GMT

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DJ Kaan Gokman Club Harem album cover
DJ Kaan Gokman Club Harem album cover
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Kaan Gokman’s illustrious 15 year career has been blessed by continued success and shows no sign of letting up thanks to the release of his debut album CLUB HAREM! Gokman has long been a famous personality, producer and director in radio in Turkey. But the multi-talented artist has also been involved in a wide variety of projects, producing numerous hits including collaborations with the internationally acclaimed dance project "Harem" which has enjoyed phenomenal success in some 55 different countries. And now the DJ looks poised for even more glory with his energetic debut release “CLUB HAREM”.


   "This is hit" is a brilliant collection of dance songs and includes collaborations with a wide range of special guests including Nez, Burcu Gunes, Buzuki Orhan, Dj Funky C....etc. The new album also contains a series of remixes by well known Spanish DJs such as Alex Guerrero, Raul Ortíz  and Javi Reina.


Throughout the past 15 years Gokman has not only hosted his own radio show but he has also acted as Director at a variety of leading radio stations in Turkey. His celebrated career in the music industry has seen him acting as producer, composer and arranger on many sessions most notably on the internationally heralded releases from the cutting edge Turkish percussion and dance ensemble Harem.


Kaan Gökman's debut album "CLUB HAREM" was recently released by the Pasion Turca in Turkey and was released by EMI Arabia in the Middle East Region.


"CLUB HAREM" boasts the production talents of Electro-Funk-Disco House pioneer Erol Temizel. In addition to the collection’s lively new original material, the album also boasts a series of remixes from some of Spain’s leading DJs Alex Guerrero, Raul Ortíz and Javi Reina.


Further to the success he has enjoyed remixing and producing Nez and Harem, Kaan Gökman has been fortunate to bring his musical collaborations to international audiences all over the globe including a remarkable gig at Euro-Pride in Madrid to a raucous roof raising set at the Sphinx festival in Belgium.....he performed in more than 30 countries with multi-million selling percussion band Harem.




Kaan Gökman was born into a family of artists in Turkey in 1978. The son of a mother actress and father musician, you could say his exposure to the world of performance has been pretty well from the cradle.


He gravitated towards music at a young age and formalized his training by studying music at Bilgi University in Istanbul. He soon also found that he had a passion for radio and eventually landed his own show. Gökman would later go on to work as director as well as producer at some of the leading radio stations in Turkey. His resume includes stints working for Power FM, as well as time spent lending his prodigious talents to entities within Nar and Power groups of radio stations. Presently he lends his time working as Director for Pal Media. Given his vast and varied experiences in the music industry, it was hardly surprising that the restless artist soon began trying his hand at developing his own remixes and experimenting as a DJ.


Gökman has continued to blossom as a DJ bringing his eclectic, unique brand of house music that blends traditional tribal-ethno beats with more modern sounds to audiences all across Europe.


His Harem songs and remixes have been released around the globe on more than 200 compilations including the illustrious Buddha Bar compilations. He has also performed in many different countries such as Germany, Greece, Belgium, Spain, the U.S, Netherlands and many many others.


He remixed many songs of the international stars like Despina Vandi (Gia), Tose (Hold me Tight), Karizma (Yurudum), Ruslana (Wild Dance & Dances with the Wolves) , Colonia (Nema Nade)...etc

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