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Published July 28th, 2011 - 09:14 GMT
Ahmed Al Naqbi, Head of Direct Banking & E-Development at NBAD
Ahmed Al Naqbi, Head of Direct Banking & E-Development at NBAD

The National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD), the Number One Bank in the UAE, has launched NBAD Mobile Application, the first mobile banking service to avail full banking services including international remittances. 

“The National Bank of Abu Dhabi’s Mobile App is the first to allow international remittances, which makes NBAD’s mobile App unique in the market,” said Ahmed Al Naqbi, the Head of Direct Banking & E-Development at NBAD. “Because the UAE population has the highest mobile and smart phone penetration and in general it is very tech-savvy, NBAD strategised that its Mobile App must offer full capabilities to allow account and prepaid card holders the opportunity to do all their banking with a few clicks on their mobile banking anytime, any where.” 

Mr. Al Naqbi added: “Because expatriates comprise a large part of the UAE population, NBAD assured that international remittance is built into the capabilities of the Mobile App.” 

The exciting NBAD Mobile Application allows consumers to execute a full range of banking services with their smart mobile phones. With this service, NBAD account holders and prepaid cardholders have 24/7 access to their accounts through their mobile phones from any GPRS / 3G / wireless (Wi-Fi) network, anywhere in the world. NBAD Mobile Application, available on all smart phones, offers account balance inquiry, money transfers domestically and internationally, bill payments, and donations to charities. All this can be achieved with few clicks. 

The launch of NBAD Mobile Application meets great demands in the country as the UAE has one of the highest mobile penetrations standing at nearly 200%. Smart Phone penetration is about 15% and expected to rise to nearly 30% by 2015. 

NBAD Mobile Application can be downloaded for free onto the mobile device from

NBAD Mobile Application is a secure service that allows consumers to access their account with a secure password. 

NBAD Mobile Application has a special and unique feature allowing consumers to send money to themselves, which allows withdrawal of cash at an ATM without a card but by using a PIN that is sent to the accountholder by SMS. 

It also allows remittances through our partner MoneyGram. The remittance feature allows consumers to remit internationally to anyone worldwide where receivers can cash out the money from any of the 277,000 MoneyGram agents located in 190 countries within 10 minutes. This is particularly suited to the expatriate segment in the UAE that typically sends funds to a recipient in other countries as it benefits millions of people across the globe. NBAD Mobile Application saves time and money as it means no need to travel to remittance location, no need to queue, no closed doors due to opening hours. 

NBAD Mobile App also allows bill payments to Etisalat, utility companies and American Community School; and donations to Red Crescent Society and others. 

NBAD plans to expand on the Application’s capabilities to allow mobile users to locate ATM and branch with their telephone device. 

“NBAD is again the leader and trend setter: two years ago, NBAD became the first UAE bank to offer mobile banking with the launch of Arrow Services. We are proud that NBAD has expanded the Arrow services to be the first UAE bank to offer full mobile banking,” Mr. Al Naqbi said. “Our valued customer and the market can expect NBAD to continue to be the leader in technology rollout.”

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