12 dead in Syria as regime reports violence increased since arrival of monitors

Published May 1st, 2012 - 06:52 GMT

The General Authority for the Syrian revolution reported that 12 people were killed overnight by Syrian security forces. Nine of the dead were killed in the shelling by the Syrian army on villages in region of Idleb. Yesterday, at least 20 people were killed, mostly security men in two explosions that targeted the intelligence headquarters.

The General Authority for the Syrian revolt reported that two people were killed and a number of individuals were wounded by the Syrian army in the Hama region last night.

In Damascus, the Coordinating Committees reported shootings in Abbasids Court, Baghdad Street and Jobar.

Syrian activists also posted on the internet pictures of a car which exploded in the neighborhood of Ashrafieh in Aleppo. The activists said that a number of dead and wounded resulted of the blast.

The deadly attacks Monday in Idleb came hours after the arrival of General Robert Mood of Norway, the head of the UN observer mission to Syria.

Official Syrian media showed mutilated bodies, as well as residential buildings damaged by the explosion and residents in shock.

"That's what they call freedom?" yelled one protestor during a recent demonstration, attacking Saudi Arabia and Qatar which have called for arming of the rebels in Syria.

Some chanted "God, Syria, Bashar and that's it," in support of President Bashar al-Assad. Syria's Deputy Foreign Minister Faysal Meqdad stated during a meeting with General Mood that Syria "would face the actions of armed groups and their supporters, especially after the unprecedented acts conducted by these bands since the arrival of the observers."

According to comments reported by the official SANA news agency, he stressed the need to "investigate violations" of the plan by envoy Kofi Annan. According to SANA, the UN observers went to the scene of the explosions.

Thirty observers have so far been dispatched by the UN to Syria to monitor a cease-fire officially in force since April 12, but that has been continually violated. Among them, two observers are based in Idleb, and six others in Deraa (south) and others in Hama and Homs (center).

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