2,000 Jordanians gather to denounce Daesh crime

Published February 6th, 2015 - 07:31 GMT

“We must take revenge for Muath [Kasasbeh] and Islam,” Rafe Rifai said on Thursday while carrying a picture of the Jordanian pilot killed by the so-called Islamic State (Daesh).

With a large Jordanian flag on his shoulders, Rifai added that all Jordanians, civilians or military personnel, should realise that their mission is a grand, sacred one.

“It is about fighting the criminals who killed Muath and relentlessly continue to tarnish the image of Islam.”

Rifai was one of around 2,000 Jordanians who gathered at Al Hussein Youth City in Amman to condemn the murder of Kasasbeh.

“We will kill them. Those at IS are savages. We will take revenge. We will burn them,” the retired Royal Jordanian Air Force staff member told The Jordan Times. 

“Those are cowards, and all they do is against Islam,” said Rifai, who came from his hometown in Irbid, 80km north of Amman, to join the rally. 

With tears filling his eyes, he kissed the picture of Kasasbeh and said: “Islam and Muslims will win and those terrorists will eventually lose.”

Jawdat Kasasbeh, the pilot’s brother, addressed the gathering.

“I congratulate all Jordanians for the fact that my brother is a martyr... My brother died a hero. He died defending Islam, Arabs and Muslims,” Jawdat said, adding that his parents were in good health. 

Calling on citizens not to share the video of Muath’s killing, Jawdat said his brother is the son of all Jordanians. 

Nidal Shurofat, a graduate of Al al Bayt University, said Jordanians, Arabs and Muslims should all come together to fight IS. 

“This demonstration today and many others to follow show how united Jordanian are,” added Shurofat, as he held a placard reading “This is Our War.”

“We want more aggressive retaliatory strikes by the Jordanian army,” he told The Jordan Times. 

Shurofat’s friend Nijem Abdul Karim, who was waving Jordanian flags and pictures of Muath in military uniform, echoed his sentiments.

“We need to do more to kill those terrorists. Executing Sajida [Rishawi who was convicted of terrorism and was on death row] is not enough,” he said. 

“My condolences to his family and tribes,” Abdul Karim added. 

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