22 Percent of Moroccan Women Married without their Consent

Published May 30th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT

A study conducted by the Democratic Women Rights League (LDDF) found out that about 22% of Moroccan women were married without their consent and 7.9% were forced to get married, reported ArabicNews.com Monday. 

The study, covering a sample of 1,510 women from rural and urban areas, showed that 71.9% of polled women did not insert any condition in the marriage deed and 11.3% did not even know they could.  

In the sample, 64.7% of women were not present during the drafting of the deed, the agency added. 

According to the study, polygamy was refused by 84.4% of the polled women and only 5.2% accepted it. Another 10% accepted polygamy under some conditions, the study found out. 

Regarding divorce, 49.8% of repudiated women did not have their say in the separation, 50.2% divorced in a legal action, the study said. 73.3% of women who divorced for ill treatment renounced to claiming pensions and other rights; another 87.6% have children custody, in 32% of these cases, the former husband merely abandoned the children. 

On the basis of the study, the association proposed the lifting of tutorship on adult women, sanctions against those who do not respect the principle that children pensions is a responsibility of the two parents or one of them, if it is so agreed, said ArabicNews.com.  

The League also recommended instituting equality between men and women in divorce and the creation of a fund to pay for the pension of children of divorced parents, said the agency - Albawaba.com 

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