Acxiom works with postal operators to develop direct marketing industry

Acxiom works with postal operators to develop direct marketing industry
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Published November 1st, 2010 - 14:01 GMT

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Acxiom participated in the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Direct Mail Advisory Board (DMAB) held in Bern on October 27. The event was attended by global industry decision makers, with strong representation from the MENA region. The UPU meets annually at the DMAB Summit, a platform created to discuss industry developments and trends to tackle key issues.

Dr. Ahmede Kassase, COO of Acxiom MENA addressed Arab postal operators at the Summit. Dr. Ahmede emphasized strategic partnerships between Acxiom and postal operators around the globe as a model towards developing the direct marketing industry in the Arab world. According to Dr. Ahmede, Acxiom has been an agent for change, strengthening in-country services and creating cross-border capabilities to empower postal operators' offering and extend their reach. Acxiom provides insight-driven, highly personalized, multichannel marketing services, and is the engine behind some of the world's most customer-centric brands. Acxiom helps clients make smarter decisions on their marketing spend based on measurable results, which leads to significant growth in profitability and market share.

Dr. Kassase added, "Acxiom is well-positioned to act on the commitment from Arab postal operators to developing direct marketing in the MENA region. Our services encompass every channel (online and offline) via audience engagement and personalization through precision targeting and measurable results."

"We can drive growth of the direct marketing and information services market through combining Acxiom's 40 years of expertise, insight and analytical tools with the established databases and logistical abilities of postal operators," said Mr. Yousef Hamidaddin CEO of Acxiom MENA and Chief Executive Officer of Arab Direct Marketing Association (ADMA), adding that 'this can be achieved through a joint offering to support the development of new data products by leveraging postal data assets to provide powerful solutions."

Acxiom recently (August 2010) signed a strategic partnership with China Post. The agreement creates an alliance which will expand China's direct marketing business through database marketing services. 

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