Ahrar Leader to Attend Iraq Inquiry

Published December 2nd, 2009 - 09:10 GMT

"Today Ahrar's leader Ayad Jamal Aldin, sent a personal letter to the Chairman of the Iraq Inquiry in the UK, Sir John Chilcot requesting an opportunity to come and listen to an evidence giving session.

The inquiry is investigating the build up to the war in 2003, which saw the overthrowing of Saddam Hussein's regime.

Speaking about the letter, Ahrar's leader said, "There is no other group of people who deserve the opportunity to listen to the evidence provided to the inquiry than the Iraqi people."

"It is my belief, that as a representative of the Iraqi people, my presence will serve as a reminder to the Great British government that Iraq still reverberates to the actions taken 6 years ago. Instead of fearing Saddam Hussein's regime, Iraqis live in fear of sectarian violence and the endemic corruption which need to be tackled, more so now than ever. The British people may have moved on, but the consequences of that action remain apparent and without strong international oversight, the forthcoming elections may be hampered severely by sectarianism and corruption. Ahrar calls upon the British and international community to ensure a fair, free and safe election once it has been called."

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