Algeria: Major headlines in French newspapers on January 8

Published January 8th, 2007 - 04:44 GMT

- The trial of Khalifa case starts today without Khalifa himself.
- Mohamed Bouricha, the "ex-Wali de Blida" stays under legal control.
- Various and sometimes contradictory reactions by Arab leaders concerning Saddam's execution by hanging.
- Traffic accident in Oran kills five people.
- 35 Moroccans were arrested by the GGF along the western border.

- Khalifa trial starts today. Feels like an unfinished business.
- Algeria plans to generate electric power through nuclear power station.
- War in Iraq: More and more losses for American forces.
- The national council of investment gives its nod for Cevital to launch five new projects.
- Football : Quarter final of the Arab champions league: El Faisali to face ES Sétif
- Souk Aharas: New financial perspectives for 2007.
- Mehri and Bentoumi say the silence of the Arabs following Saddam's execution is another "tragedy".
- France : Abdenour Bidar's book : "Sortir l'Islam de la cave".

- Protecting archaeological inheritance.
- Less than 40 000 vehicles went for technical check in four months.
- Lecture concerning the relation between nuclear power and peace: Africa looking for the benefits of nuclear power.
- Iran – Israel: Israel might use tactical nuke against Iran according to the Sunday Times.
- Football: Third day of the Arab champions league.
- Algiers selected as 2007 capital of Arab culture.

- 303 people to testify concerning in Khalifa case.
- Post-mortem pleading for Saddam Hussein.
- Mainstream poetry has to be preserved.

- Regional African conference concerning nuclear power: Algiers center of peace and scientific diplomacy.
- 49 families about to be relocated after a transit center burnt.
- 144.500,00 DA set for this year's Zakat.
- Encouraging entrepreneurs.
- Tizi-ouzou : 1.000 billion cents dedicated to habitat.
- 11.000 workers waiting for a part of their salary.

- Rebrab claiming that Algeria will become one of the largest sugar producers in the world.
- The Wali has to respect the people in charge.
- 25% of the vehicles did not take the technical check.
- First suspect arrested in the case of a seventy year old person who has been murdered in Aftis.
- 16 year old judoka Malik Kareb going towards Africa.
- Strange cat disease in Larbaâ Nath Irathen.
- Thieves breaking into a school in Seddouk.
- 230 public pharmaceutical dispensaries about to be sold.

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