An Arab View of The LGBTQ in Hungary

Published August 10th, 2021 - 09:42 GMT
Gay marriages
Budapest, Hungary - 24 July 2021: Budapest Pride 2021 - Citizens gather in protest against the homophobic policies of Hungary's ultranationalist government (Shutterstock)

“HUNGARY is the only state within the European Union (EU) which still rejects the EU laws related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights (LGBT), because these laws contravene with its constitutional amendments that were endorsed in 2020,” columnist Sultan Ibrahim Al-Khalaf wrote for Al-Rai daily.

“These amendments do not recognize or allowing the existence of gays families and as such emphasize that the marriage forms the basis of a family, and that the marriage governs the relationship between the parents and the children, where the woman is the wife and the man is the father.

“Likewise, the Hungarian government has endorsed a law that forbids gay marriages, education in the government schools. This law prevents the children under 18 years from watching related movies and the advertisements to protect them from the ramifications and the repercussions of LGBT and its effects on their psychiatric health.

“However, for its part, the European Union, has not endured the Hungarian laws in question, as such we found how the European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen has described these laws as ‘shameful’ saying they contravene with the international criteria governing the human rights.

“Not just that, the European Commission is currently preparing to impose punitive measures against Hungary in order to prevent its persistence towards the application of the anti-gays law – the measures aim among other things at depriving Budapest from the voting rights in the framework of the EU in addition to depriving Hungary from obtaining financial assistance that may be required to confront and contain the effects of Covid-19 pandemic.

“However, if the EU currently treats one of its members in an arbitrary manner and challenges the will of the Hungarian people, we wonder, how the EU, will deal with the non-EU member states in general and the Third World countries in particular.

“In this connection, we expect the European Union in collaboration with the United States will put pressure on these states under the justification of human and impose the gays laws on this part of the world, and the EU will take to social media which currently controls to promote the gays culture in the Third World countries and of course among the Muslims will not be exempted from this.

“In this context, one episode of the US ‘Sesame Street Program’ on the occasion of the ‘Family Day’, talked about ‘the pride of gays’ aimed at shedding light on the ‘homosexual family’.

“Such being the case, it is dangerous to accept homosexuality in the name of the human rights, because this represents a social pandemic as some states are currently attempting to impose this pandemic on other societies to subvert the right family concept-based sexuality between man and woman.

“Consequently, what we see in the Western scientific advancement is that the Westerners are ravaged by the psychological ills, family break-ups, individual isolation, liquor and narcotics addiction and absence of moral values, given the fact the Westerners were the masters of both the World Wars I & II, and at the moment are involved in brewing a third world war and eventually destroy our planet.”

This article was written in Arabic by Sultan Ibrahim Al-Khalaf for the Kuwaiti-based Al-Rai daily and it was translated for the Arabtimesonline.

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