Asian Children’s Publishers Symposium

Published April 1st, 2010 - 09:37 GMT

Asian Children’s Publishers Symposium &

Publishers Daily Bread

(6 to 8 May 2010)


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As part of the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (6 to 9 May) the Book Council and the Arts House are organizing the Asian Children’s Publishers Symposium (ACPS) on 8 May and the Publishers Daily Bread on the 6and 7 May 2010. These programmes would be most suitable for: publishers, book and media distributors, and retailers. These programmes consists of workshops and special sessions conducted by leading personnel within the industry and interactive panel discussions led by professionals, all designed to foster knowledge, learning and strategies for building a successful children’s publishing industry and promote. Singapore as a publishing and writers centre of Asian content. The details are as follows:


Part I: Asian Children’s Publishers Symposium on 8 May 2010


9am-10.15am:         Panel presentation I

Explore new cooperative opportunities and respond to the current needs and priorities in Asia.

- Challenges of Co-publishing and Disseminating Children’s Books on Living Heritage in

Asia, Misako Ohnuki

- Business opportunities: the children’s book industry in India, Sayoni Basu

- Myanmar children's books and production trends, Mra Hninzi


10.30am–11.30am:   Responding to the challenges and the opportunities in publishing for children in Asia,

Teri Tan


11.30am – 1pm:       Publisher’s Business Forum I

ASEAN / India Writers, Illustrators and Publishers Dialogue

Facilitator: Triena Ong

Panel: Mita Kapur, Sayoni Basu, Radhika Menon, Karina Bolasco, Risuan Aramcharoen, Teri Tan


2.30pm–3.45pm:      Panel Presentation II

Explore new cooperative opportunities and respond to the current needs and priorities in Asia.

- The market for Asian children’s books in Australia, Lynette Thomas

- Trends in the production of Children’s books and related content in France, Nathalie Beau

- Picture Books: Selling to the Taiwan and China Marketplace, Kathleen Ahrens & Irene Chen


4pm - 5pm:             The Dust and the Magic of Children’s Interactive Publishing, Dr. Warren Buckleitner


5.15pm – 7pm:        Publisher’s Business Forum II

Asia / Australia Writers, Illustrators and Publishers Consultation

Facilitator: Dr. Ken Spillman

Panel: Clive Newman, John Danalis, Sharon Flindell, Fong Hoe Fang, Shamini Flint, Daphne Lee


Registration fees: $180 for 8 May 2010

Venue: The Arts House


Part II: Publishing Daily Bread

In addition, interested professionals could register separately for the following industry related sessions that are covered under TRACK E: Publishing Daily Bread which is organized as part of Asian Children’s Writers and Illustrators Conference (ACWIC).


6 May

10am – 11am: What publishers look for in Children’s and Young Adults’ stories? – the real score, Anushka Ravishankar & Sayoni Basu

11am – 12pm: LaMB: Choosing original content – What producers look for in Scripts, Tracy Wong

2.30pm-3.30pm: Self publishing: pros and cons, tricks, tips and tools, Shamini Flint & Emily Lim

3.45pm–4.45pm: Heroes Inc.: How Comics Became Big Business, Jeff Yang & Suresh Seetharaman

4.45pm–5.45pm: SCBWI - A Worldwide Network for Children's Writers and Illustrators, Kathleen Ahrens


7 May

10.45am–11.45am:   Singapore Success Stories

- The Making of Mr. Midnight, Alex Chacko

- To Save The World! - Nurturing The Next Generation of Asian Scientist, Otto Fong

- New Generation Writers: Writing Asia, Emily Lim & Shekinah Linn


10.45am–11.45am:   Publishing news for students: Values-driven journalism, Dr. Cherian George

2.30pm–4.30pm:      Insider’s Guide to Getting Published

- Your manuscript: How do you know when you’re done?, Uma Krishnaswami

- How editors and agents make decisions, Anushka Ravishankar

- What to expect in terms of contracts, advances and editing if you are accepted by a publisher, Holly Thompson

- The Business of Writing: Sustaining Your Writing Career, Paul Kooperman


3.45pm–4.45pm:      Copyright issues in the emerging world of online content, Bill Rosenblatt

The Internet is both a blessing and a curse for writers, illustrators, photographers, and


4.45pm–5.45pm:      Adding value to your products: Printing and production techniques for children’s materials, Teri Tan

4.45pm–5.45pm:      Multilingual Pluralities in Picture Books, Radhika Menon


Registration Fees

6 – 8 May 2010

3 Days: S$400

2 Days: S$300

1 Day: S$180

1/2 day: S$100

* Note: Participants with passes for 8 May are eligible to attend all 3 conferences happening that day.


Venue: The Arts House

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