ASRY is Strategic Sponsor Of Bahrain Maritime Festival 2010

ASRY is Strategic Sponsor Of Bahrain Maritime Festival 2010
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Published September 7th, 2010 - 10:17 GMT

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Bahrain’s General Organisation of Seaports (GOP) today announced that Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard Co (ASRY) is a strategic sponsor of Bahrain Maritime Festival 2010 (BMF), being launched this year to mark Bahrain’s celebrations of World Maritime Day (WMD).  This year’s WMD theme, “Year of the Searfarer”, shines the spotlight on the individuals who form the backbone of the entire industry, the seafarers of yesterday, today and the future.

The World Maritime Day (WMD) is an annual initiative carried out by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) that aims to commemorate the international maritime industry’s contribution towards the global economy, specifically in the shipping and logistics sectors.

Each year, WMD is held under a different theme.  This year’s theme, ‘The Year of the Seafarer’ aims to spread greater awareness of the maritime industry and focus attention on the 1.5 million seafarers all over the globe, highlighting their unique contribution to society and the risks they shoulder in the execution of their duties

Commenting on ASRY’s participation this year, Chief Executive Officer Chris Potter, said, “Supporting this year’s Bahrain Maritime Festival through this partnership with the General Organization of Seaports is a point of pride for us at ASRY, as this year’s World Maritime Day theme hits very close to home for all of us.  The shipping and logistics industry is massive, and the individuals who act as the cogs in the machine, more often than not, get lost in the vastness of the industry.  But without their efforts, without their dedication and their sacrifices, much of how the world operates in this day and age, would come to a standstill.  Our support of the BMF is a way for us to join the rest of the industry in saying thank you to seafarers all over the world.”

GOP Director General, Hassan Ali Almajed said, “We are very pleased that ASRY is a strategic sponsor of BMF.  The support shown is testament to the importance of Bahrain’s unique initiative to celebrate World Maritime Day, and we are looking forward to making this event a success, in partnership with ASRY and other sponsors.”  

IMO member countries worldwide, including Bahrain, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States join together to celebrate World Maritime Day every year.  The event’s date varies by year and country but it is always celebrated during the last week of September. Bahrain’s initiative has been designed to spread out the festivities over a longer period in order to increase accessibility and allow for more activities to be held.

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