Assad Regime Imposes Full Siege on Daraa

Published June 28th, 2021 - 08:48 GMT
Syrian regime totally blocking Daraa Al-Balad
Daraa's anti-regime protests. (Twitter)
Daraa is the city in southwestern Syria, where the revolution began 10 years ago

Videos and photos emerged on social media showing the Syrian regime with Russia's assistance totally blocking Daraa Al-Balad city banning the entry of food or drinks to the area.

Not only food is banned the regime has also cut off electricity banning anyone in the area of reaching the internet and posting any information about the situation in the area.

"Save Daraa and stop the siege on Daraa Al-Balad'; Twitter users have launched many hashtags calling the world to support families there and end the siege imposed on Daraa Al-Balad.

People suggested that the siege happened after people in Daraa refused to hand their light weapons to Russia, in order to the protests that erupted against the latest sham elections where Bashar Al-Assad was declared the winner of the presidential polls held on 26 May 2021.

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