Assi Al-Hillani and Jerash Nights Anew

Published July 29th, 2007 - 12:50 GMT

Singer Assi Al-Hillani held a press conference on Saturday 28 July 2007 at the Radisson SAS.  A big number of journalists attended the press conference during which they asked the singer several questions regarding his participation in the Jerash Festival that celebrates its silver jubilee this year, not to mention that this is not Al-Hillani's first participation.

It is well known that Assi Al-Hillani, the "Knight of Arab Singing", launched his career through Studio Al-Fann program, displaying a distinctive voice and performance that won the admiration of everybody and then he won the festival's medal, confirming his natural talent.

Al-Hillani continued to garner success with each album he releases.  He also benefited from his talent in composing music and wrote the music for some of his most beautiful songs like " Admanto Hawak", " Tulli", and "Khallik Bi Qalibi".   His first work was writing the music for Nizar Qabbani's poem " Al-Qarar."

Al-Hillani is known for his patriotism as he has advocated Arab causes; having sung for Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, and the Golan Heights.   He is also known for his high humanitarian sense having sung for mothers and cancer patients.    He joined the United Nations and was given a medal of honor and worked with the World Food Organization in fighting poverty and hunger. He was nicknamed the friend of the UN.

Al-Hillani won many awards, to mention a few: A tribute on the Lebanese Army Day, Al-Mahabbah Festival-Latakia; Lebanon Radio medal 1994; The Star of Festivals Award 1995; The Knight of the Arab Song Medal in Canada 1995; The 1st Beirut International Festival Plaque 1997;  medal of appreciation from the Hala February Festival in Kuwait 1999; Arab Song Oscar/ Paris 2000; Video Clip Festival/best video clip 2000; Super Star Sawt Al-Ghad Radio 2001; Best Lebanese Singer Award 2002; Oscar for Best Arab Singer 2004; a medal of appreciation from the UN 2005.


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