Bahrain: Oxford Business Group Appoints New Country Director

Bahrain: Oxford Business Group Appoints New Country Director
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Published August 12th, 2010 - 12:22 GMT

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Oxford Business Group (OBG), the global publishing, research and consultancy firm, has appointed a new Country Director to lead its forthcoming project in Bahrain.

In a move that marks a promotion at OBG, Syanna Swyers will oversee the compilation of business intelligence for the Group's new publication on the Kingdom's economic activity, The Report: Bahrain 2011.

Swyers, who was previously based in Qatar, said she looked forward to broadening her experience with OBG in the Gulf and mapping out Bahrain's ongoing achievements as it continues to diversify its economy away from hydrocarbons.

"Since launching its operations in Bahrain, OBG has closely followed the Kingdom's economic development, particularly its success in the financial sector, and the investment opportunities this has produced for the international business community," she said. "As Bahrain continues to drive its economic expansion forward by tapping opportunities in industry and attracting foreign direct investment, I look forward to mapping out the country's achievements and future plans in our new report."

A recent addition to OBG's team, Swyers takes up her appointment after playing a key supporting role on the Group's projects in Qatar and Brunei. Before joining the team, she carved out a successful career in project management and coordination which took her across the Middle East, Europe, South America, Asia and Africa.

Abby Lindenberg, OBG's GCC Regional Director, said that Swyers' proven track record in information management, together with her in-depth understanding of doing business on a multi-cultural level, would equip her well for her new challenge.

"Syanna has gained a valuable insight into the workings of emerging economies across the globe and built up a wealth of experience in researching and analysing business intelligence," she said. "I am confident that she will be a welcome addition to the team in her role as Country Director and that her skills and enthusiasm will help to ensure that The Report: Bahrain 2011 raises the bar with its comprehensive and credible coverage of the Kingdom's economy."

The Report: Bahrain 2011 will be a vital guide to the many facets of the country, including its macroeconomics, infrastructure, political landscape, banking and sectoral developments. Written by a team of OBG analysts, who will be based in the Kingdom for six months, it is set to be the premier guide for foreign direct investment into the country's economy and will include interviews with leading political, economic and business figures.

Available in print form and online, The Report: Bahrain 2011 will form part of the range of OBG's publications renowned as leading sources of information on developing and emerging economies around the world. 

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