Belgium Has Highest Number Who Left for ISIS in Syria, Iraq. Should They be Allowed Back?

Published February 25th, 2019 - 10:00 GMT
Atomium, Brussels (Shutterstock)
Atomium, Brussels (Shutterstock)

Belgium has the highest percentage European citizens who left to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

An estimated number of around 200 Belgians are still there and could try to make their way back home.

With the terrorist group now reportedly almost defeated, nations like Belgium are deciding on the best response to those who want to return.


Meanwhile, people in Brussels are questioning whether those who left should be allowed to return.

"It's difficult. I don't think they should actually, because they choose to leave, so I don't see the reason why now all of a sudden, they would like to come back," says Annikka, a student in Brussels.


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