Bond and Fire of Anatolia play live at Fastlink 10th anniversary celebration

Published September 27th, 2005 - 11:41 GMT

As part of celebrations marking the tenth anniversary since its establishment, Fastlink, one of Mobile telecommunication group the largest operator in the Middle East and Africa, hosted an evening of music and entertainment at the Dead Sea by the British “Bond Band” and the Turkish Folklore Group “Fire of Anatolia”.

In remarks welcoming the guests, Fastlink CEO Mohammad Saqer alluded to the Company’s contribution to the development of the information and communications sector in Jordan through the provision of a variety of services and an advanced network, which offers service to 1.7 subscribers.

Bond of Britain opened the evening with pieces of classical music, playing their music to the enchantment of the audience.  The four-player band, Haylie Ecker, Eos Chater, Tania Davis and Gay-Yee Westerhoff played their latest album, Classified, demonstrating exceptional talent and skill and shining as stars in harmony with the place.  Playing the violin, viola and cello, the group’s classical music transcends the usual and takes the audience to new dimensions of creativity and fascination.

The widely acclaimed Bond, deriving their name from their close relationship as a group, made a world tour in 2003 taking them to several countries, namely in Asia.  They took part in several TV commercials, appeared in a number of films and played in the inauguration of the classic Brit prizes for the years 2001 and 2003.  Their music appeals to the youth and young generations, who have come to appreciate classical music through the unusual performances of the group.

The group has sold over 3 million albums, making their debut album in 2001 in the United States.  With the release of their latest album, Classified, the group will set off on a tour of Europe, South Africa, North America and Asia.

Fire of Anatolia, comprising 90 dancers, concluded the evening with a performance of dance and music, combining modern with traditional folklore, also succeeding to enchant the audience with their beat and rhythmic movement.

Anatolia first started their world tour in Germany, to be followed by Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Israel, China, Romania, Qatar and Bulgaria before coming to Jordan.

Anatolia was the first troupe to perform at the Chinese parliament and the Bordum Antique Theater in Turkey, attracting more than 400.000 spectators.  The Troupe has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.


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