Bush, Chirac and Sharon are winners of ''Islamophobia Awards 2004''

Published June 26th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

US President George W. Bush, French counterpart Jacques Chirac and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon were the worst "Islamophobes" of 2004, a prominent British Muslim rights group said.  


The Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) selected the trio in their annual "Islamophobia Awards" to highlight growing anti-Muslim prejudice, Reuters reported Saturday.  


IHRC Chairman Massoud Shadjareh said “It is with great sadness that we reveal this year’s winners. Sadly the competition was extremely tough and we see no signs of this abating in the year to come.  


“On a serious note, the harm done by Islamophobia needs to be evaluated in the light of recent history. Before every genocide there has been demonisation, be it the Balkans, Rwanda or Nazi led Europe. We need to break this current cycle before it is too late.” 


Bush got the top satirical "Islamophobe of the year" award for his so-called anti-terror war, which the IHRC said was in fact a crusade against Islam.  


The ‘Islamophobia Awards’ is IHRC’s annual comedy event aimed at highlighting prevailing prejudices and subverting them using humour. The evening consists of satire, musical entertainment, a fundraising auction, a sumptuous meal and of course the spoof awards themselves. (Albawaba.com)

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