Captors: Israeli soldier case ”closed”; Two Palestinians dead

Published July 4th, 2006 - 05:06 GMT

The ultimatum set by Palestinians holding an Israeli soldier in the Gaza Strip expired at 6 A.M. Tuesday. "Discussion is closed," said Abu al-Muthna, spokesman for the Islamic Army in the Gaza Strip. "Whether he will be killed or not killed, we will not disclose any information about the fate of the soldier."


Hours before the ultimatum expired, Israeli warplanes continued to strike targets in the Gaza Strip, launching missiles at an Islamic University building in Gaza City. The building was heavily damaged.


Elsewhere in the Strip, a Hamas member died and four were wounded in an Israeli airstrike in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza Strip just after midnight, Palestinians said. Israel said its air force targeted Palestinians planting a bomb near soldiers.


In the west Bank, Palestinian sources reported that a special Israeli unit assassinated Tuesday morning Fida Qandil, an al-Aqsa Brigades commander in Jenin.  According to the report, soldiers and local fighter were exchanging fire and several Palestinians have been wounded.

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