CimatronE's New 64-Bit Version Powers Projects of any Size and Complexity

Published November 2nd, 2009 - 02:33 GMT

Cimatron Limited (Nasdaq: CIMT), a leading provider of integrated
CAD/CAM solutions for mold, tool and die makers as well as manufacturers of
discrete parts, announced that it has released a 64-bit Version [beta] of
CimatronE 9.0.


    The 64-bit version was developed in close collaboration with Microsoft
and Intel and is compatible with all 64-bit Windows Operating Systems,
including Windows 7. The version was also checked in cooperation with several
graphic card manufacturers, including ATI and Nvidia.


    Operating at 64-bits allows software to take advantage of an unlimited
amount of memory.


    As a result, users will be able to perform any level of operation, no
matter how complex. The 64-bit version also improves performance for users
who work with large or complex projects, especially in CAD.


    Although Cimatron has offered a 64-bit compatible version since 2007,
this is the first version of CimatronE that is native to 64-bit operating


    "Though many CAD/CAM systems claim to be compatible with 64-bit
operating systems, Cimatron is proud to be amongst the few leaders who offer
a true native 64-bit version, making full use of the PC's memory and
processing power" said Roy Sterenthal, VP of Research and Development for
Cimatron. "Our mission is to ensure that our customers always have a
competitive edge by empowering them to take advantage of the most advanced
technologies as soon as they become available."


    While the 64-bit version offers advantages to all users of powerful
computers, manufacturers who work with very large assemblies (especially
molds and dies), with thousands of parts and tens of thousands of surfaces,
will derive the most benefit from the native 64-bit version. NC programmers
who work with very large toolpaths will also find their process is
accelerated by more effective use of available memory.


    CimatronE files can be seamlessly shared and interchanged between the 32
and 64-bit versions of CimatronE 9.0, without any need for conversion. Thus,
users can work in a hybrid environment, making the best use of their existing
hardware, where each job can be assigned to the most appropriate platform.


    The CimatronE 9.0 64-bit version is available free-of-charge to any
CimatronE user on maintenance contract.

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