Clinton: US Still Hopes Bin Laden can be Tracked Down

Published May 6th, 2000 - 02:00 GMT



President Bill Clinton said Friday that the United States remained hopeful that Saudi exile Osama bin Laden could be tracked down, said Kuwait News Agency (KUNA). 

Clinton made the comment when he was asked to respond to a US State Department terrorism report issued this week, which noted that Bin Laden was still at large, added KUNA. 

"We are doing our part to change it and I hope we will be successful," Clinton said.  

The State Department's report observed that the "Taliban, which controls most of Afghanistan, has allowed various terrorist groups to operate unheeded including the 'base' organization, headed by Bin Laden." 

Bin Laden is alleged by the United States to be the mastermind behind the bombings of two US embassies in east Africa that claimed 230 lives. 

The United States is offering a five million dollar reward for information leading to Bin Laden's capture - (Several Sources)  

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