Coca-Cola Middle East spreads the joy of Ramadan among children of Al Sanabel Orphanage

Coca-Cola Middle East spreads the joy of Ramadan among children of Al Sanabel Orphanage
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Published September 7th, 2010 - 15:30 GMT

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In the continuation of a tradition, Coca-Cola Middle East has partnered with Al Sanabel Orphanage to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with the children.

The holy month was celebrated with the a variety of children from ages 10-14 from Al Sanabel Orphanage, bringing them happiness during a special Iftar feast, and announcing the Ramadan Art Competition that is taking place again this Ramadan after a success in 2010. The Children are invited to portray their Happiest Ramadan moments through an artistic expression, with winners receiving valuable prizes to enjoy during and after the Holy Month.

The Coca-Cola Ramadan Art Competition involves several countries from the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan and Syria, and spans over 30,000 children.

This years' Coca-Cola initiative, in line with its Ramadan campaign, is dedicated towards spreading happiness, togetherness, sharing, positivity and optimism into the lives of orphans and Coca-Cola fans alike. "Coca-Cola dedicated the month of Ramadan to spreading happiness and joy among children. We always strive to bring a smile to the faces of the orphans and make Ramadan a memorable experience for them. As always, Coca-Cola wishes to spread the spirit of celebration among children around the region" commented Antoine Tayyar, Public Affairs and Communications Director, Coca-Cola Middle East.

"We truly appreciate all the efforts by Coca-Cola to make this night a special Ramadan memory for us and all the children at Al Sanabel Orphans Care. We hope that this night is a blessed beginning for a long partnership to come," said Hiba Ebrahim, Head of Women's Department at Al Sanabel Orphans Care.

Children organisations such as Al Sanabel who provide care and support to orphans are happy to receive support from generous individuals, as well as from organizations such as The Coca-Cola Company, who have shown immense support for the cause of unprivileged children and orphanages.

The Coca-Cola Company chose the drawing competition as the most suitable activity for the children to engage in since it allows them the opportunity to express themselves freely through art and gives a true insight to how special the holy month of Ramadan is to them, and what it represents in their eyes. 

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