Controversial Danish bill to seize refugees’ cash gains majority votes in parliament

Published January 13th, 2016 - 05:00 GMT

The Danish government said on Tuesday that it has secured a majority in parliament to move forward with a controversial bill allowing the government to confiscate refugees' valuables to offset the cost of hosting them in asylum centers.

"The government, the Social Democrats, the Danish People's Party, the Liberal Alliance and the Conservative People's Party have agreed to amend the bill concerning valuables," a government statement said, noting that wedding rings and other items of sentimental value would be exempt.

The rule will allow Danish authorities to search the luggage of migrants arriving in Denmark without a permit, and to seize cash and valuables worth more than roughly $430.

Last month, Denmark's Integration Minister Inger Stojberg defended the bill, saying,"There is no reason for criticism, since if Danes have valuables that cost over $1,450 they are required to sell them before they can apply for unemployment benefit.”

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