Covid Drops by 37%, Deaths by 35% - This is Jordan's Take on The Friday Lockdown

Published March 3rd, 2021 - 08:49 GMT
Sanitization against the virus!
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Friday's all-day curfew reduces infections by 37 per cent and deaths by 35 per cent, Obeidat says, quoting study.

Minister of Health Nathir Obeidat along with Brig. Gen. Mazen Faraiah, director of operations at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management's crisis cell on Tuesday held a press briefing at the Prime Ministry to acquaint the public with updates related to the epidemiological situation and inoculation programme in the Kingdom.

Obeidat stressed that based on a study that was conducted, Friday's all-day curfew reduces infections by 37 per cent and deaths by 35 per cent.

He noted that the British mutant has become prevalent in Amman and the adjacent governorates.

In regard to vaccination, the government has contracted with Pfizer for 2.2 million doses, he said, adding that  it has contracted with the COVAX coalition to secure doses amounting to two million to cover 10 per cent of the Kingdom’s need.

A total of 190,000 doses will be delivered this month.

He said that there are ongoing negotiations to provide other vaccines from several companies, describing the process of procuring vaccines as a “battle”.

Faraiah said that the inoculation programme targets a total of 4,801,527 people  who are above 18 and have not been previously infected with the coronavirus.

The number of individuals who have registered for receiving the vaccine amounted to 419,405, constituting 8.78 per cent of the target group.

The number of registrations for those above the age of 60 amounted to 107,882, constituting 22.17 per cent of people above 60 in the Kingdom, he said, emphasising that this age group is prioritised in the implementation of the vaccination programme as they are more prone to infections.

He highlighted that 85 per cent of the coronavirus deaths in the Kingdom are of individuals over the age of 55.

The ministry is capable of giving 20,000 vaccines on a daily basis, he added, noting that 25 per cent of those who receive messages to take the vaccine fail to show  up  to their appointments.

Those who missed the chances to receive the vaccine will be notified next week for scheduling a new appointment. If the said people failed to show up to vaccination points, they will have to register again and take a new turn.

There are no current decisions pertaining to measures during the month of Ramadan, he noted.

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