Daesh kills 13 in Yarmouk refugee camp: activists

Published April 6th, 2015 - 06:22 GMT

At least 13 people were executed by Daesh militants in Yarmouk camp in southern Damascus on Sunday, according to the Syrian activists.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights, or SNHR, released a statement and said that Daesh militants killed at least 13 people in Yarmouk camp, the biggest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria.

Daesh militants marched into Yarmouk on April 1, and many Palestinian and Syrian people have been trapped. “ Daesh militants have killed Syrian opponents inYarmouk camp. The (Bashar) Assad regime’s intense bombardment and militants’ attacks have been continuing in the camp,” the statement said, stressing the camp residents’ dire condition.

Separately, The Arab League called Sunday on the international community to take action to protect Yarmouk camp’s Palestinian refugees from Daesh militants.

The Arab League released a statement and expressed their concerns for around 500 thousand Palestinian refugees who live in Syria. “Palestinian refugees are not a side in the ongoing Syrian conflict,” the statement said.

The league also emphasized that the displaced Palestinians are just guests in Syrian lands until comprehensive peace is established in the region, and then they will be able to return home.

The Yarmouk camp has remained under siege by Syrian regime forces and pro-regime militias since last September.

Located on the outskirts of Damascus, the camp accommodated more than 160,000 Palestinian refugees before the Syrian civil war began in March 2011.

Most of the refugees were forced to leave after the conflict began.

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