Daesh militants throw “gay” man from building, stone him to death after he survives fall

Published March 5th, 2015 - 08:14 GMT

This is the sick moment Islamic State butchers (also known as Daesh), pushed a man off the top of a building - because they believed he was gay.

The blind-folded man was held at the top of the tall block in Raqqa, Syria, while his captors took pictures of his final moments on mobile phones.

Below, hundreds of people gathered to watch the barbarous killing of the man, believed to be in his 20s.

One depraved IS member had a camera set up on a tripod on top of a car to photograph the man as he hurtled to his death.

Incredibly, the victim survived the fall, however that only marked the opening to the sick execution.

As he lay lifeless on the ground, men with AK47s across their backs pelted the body with rocks taken from plastic baskets.

Justice IS-style has also seen two men beheaded for blasphemy and dishonesty and a man stoned to death for adultery in the same week.

The men all faced Medieval-style public executions in the captured Syrian city of Aleppo.

Three men were also shot dead in the IS stronghold after being accused of being spies.

A man named Muhammad Aladdin was pictured having his head chopped off for being a 'swindler' in front of a crowd of locals.

More disturbing images showed a Jihadist with a giant Scimitar-style sword execute a man called Abdul Latif Ajjur.

This time, onlookers were told he was guilty of cursing God.

Also in Aleppo, a dad had his hand chopped off for allegedly stealing chocolate.

Campaign group Raqqa is being Slaughtered Silently said the pronouncement was that the man 'had taken goods'.

He told his executors it was chocolate for his children because they were hungry. But it was not enough to spare his life.

"People cheered but I believe only because they did not want to betray that they do not support Islamic State," said the site.

"This is the grim reality of life every day in Islamic State. It is like never-ending night-time in our country."

Their reports are difficult to independently verify due to the difficulty reporting from what is effectively an occupied territory.

But the Wall Street Journal recently interviewed the founder of the site, who gave a detailed account of his courageous filming under cover, in fear of his life.

In Ninevah in Iraq, a man in his 50s paid with his life after being accused of adultery.

The greying man was forced to kneel blind-folded in front of a semi-circle of fist-sized rocks in a wooded glade while his punishment was read out.

His sentence was death under strict Shariah law and his shoes are paired neatly at his side as he waits to be pelted to death by masked terrorists.

Public executions are rife with the group who rule parts of northern Iraq and Syria with an iron fist, meting out the harsh punishments for actions they see as violating their interpretation of Islamic law, such as adultery, stealing and blasphemy.

The regime recently beheaded an innocent man in Syria for entertaining beleaguered citizens with magic tricks just like global superstar Dynamo.

And earlier this year in Iraq Islamic State killers butchered 13 football fans for tuning into watch Iraq take on Jordan in the Asian Cup.

And last month, ISIS released a video showing one of its snipers carrying out a series of assassinations following the success of hit film American Sniper.

The heavily edited footage shows the sniper - who remains anonymous - killing a series of opposition fighters.

In some scenes, red targets appear on the victim to highlight who the sniper is targeting.

A computer-generated rifle scope also appears during the footage.

It is thought the three-and-a-half minute video - which shows the deaths of 12 people - is in response to the Hollywood blockbuster starring Bradley Cooper.

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