Daesh overtakes more of Ramadi in ongoing clashes

Published May 17th, 2015 - 04:12 GMT
Iraqi police and security forces in Ramadi.  (AFP/Azhar Shallal)
Iraqi police and security forces in Ramadi. (AFP/Azhar Shallal)

Daesh on Sunday reportedly overtook one of the few remaining districts of Ramadi still held by Iraqi government forces, security sources told Reuters.  Militants were also able to besiege an army base on the outskirts of Anbar province’s capital. 

 In a renewed assault beginning late Thursday on Ramadi, located west of Baghdad, Daesh militants were able to seize the main government compound after assaulting the city with car bombs.  

The group reportedly withdrew from the building Saturday after airstrikes by the US-led coalition forced the militants to push back, Ramadi’s mayor told Reuters. 

However, Daesh still has a fierce presence in the city.  “Daesh fighters are in almost every street.  It’s a chaotic situation and things are sliding out of control.  Ramadi is falling into the hands of Daesh,” a military officer told Reuters Sunday. 

Meanwhile, nearly 8,000 Iraqis have been displaced in the past two days by the violence in Ramadi. 

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