Daesh recruitment ramps up in southern Afghanistan

Published April 1st, 2016 - 03:00 GMT
Pedestrians walk past a section of the old city in Ghazni province. (AFP/Rahmatullah Alizad)
Pedestrians walk past a section of the old city in Ghazni province. (AFP/Rahmatullah Alizad)

The members of provincial and peace councils on Friday claimed that Daesh has started recruiting fighters in southern Ghanzi province.

The acting provincial head of High Peace Council (HPC), Khalilullah Hotak, told Pajhwok Afghan News that Daesh offered good salary packages for the people who join the group.

He claimed the insurgents were flown to Andar and Giru districts by helicopters. He urged the government to take immediate steps against Daesh fighters in the province.

Member of provincial council, Amanullah Kamrani, said that the self-styled Daesh group had initiated constructing checkpoints in some areas to disrupt the security of the province.

“The activities of Daesh fighters have been observed in Andar, Gilan and Giru districts of Ghazni. They want to influence on people and control the areas,” he said.

The Daesh fighters are equipped with sophisticated weapons, so the government should take urgent measures against the insurgent group otherwise it would be difficult for the security personnel to defeat them in later stage, he said.

According to Kamrani, the movements of the group were also seen in Nawa district. Taliban have been in control of the district over the past 14 years.

Ghazni governor Mohammad Aman Hamim did not comment on the presence of Daesh, but said they haven’t received any report whether Daesh recruits people in the province.

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