David Cameron orders MI6 to find Jihadi John

Published August 25th, 2015 - 06:21 GMT

Prime Minister David Cameron ordered a redoubling of efforts to kill or capture the Islamic State masked executioner known as "Jihadi John."

The demand that the British intelligence service MI6 find the British-born militant, seen beheading victims in several videos, came days after a man believed to be the unmasked executioner, identified as Mohammed Emwazi, 27, showed his face in an announcement in which he said he would continue "cutting off heads" after he returned to Britain.

"In almost daily meetings now, Cameron first asks what is the latest on the hunt for this Jihadi John character and he has made his feelings known. Months ago intelligence chiefs said they believed they would track down the terrorist and there have been some leads. But this guy has proved very elusive. It is thought that he has been on the move and may have even travelled to a different country from Syria but he has used the chaos of the area to get past the authorities," a British military source told the British newspaper The Daily Mirror.

"Jihadi John" is believed to be responsible for the beheadings of at least seven hostages in Syria. A pause in the release of videos featuring him led British officials to believe he fled to Libya.

By Ed Adamczyk

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