As deadline passes, fate of Croatian Daesh hostage remains unknown

Published August 8th, 2015 - 08:39 GMT

The fate of a Croatian man held hostage in Egypt by an affiliate of ISIL remains unknown with the last images of Tomislav Salopek released in a chilling video earlier this week.

A group calling itself the “Sinai Province of the Islamic State” had been threatening to kill the 30-year-old on Friday if authorities did not free “Muslim women” held in prison.

Meanwhile in his hometown, residents have been praying for a positive outcome with the town’s mayor, Ankica Zajic, describing her “sadness” and that of the people of Croatia. She added that they are “waiting for a positive outcome” and “hoping Tomislav will make it home”.

Egyptian media has reported that the deadline has been extended by 48 hours.

Salopek, who works in Egypt for a French company, was abducted on July 22.

Croatia’s Foreign Minister has travelled to Egypt to help secure his release.

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