Department of National Library Conducts Enforcement Activity on Two System Builders

Published March 23rd, 2010 - 10:16 GMT

Solidifying Jordan’s ongoing commitment to fighting and reducing software piracy,  Department of the National Library conducted an enforcement activity on two system builders in Amman who have been copying and installing pirated copies of Microsoft software on the machines assembled and sold at their shops.

Mr. Mamoun Talhouni, Director General of Department of the National Library stated, “The Department is fully committed to protecting and enforcing copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights in Jordan to set the groundwork for the development and progress of future generations. At the end of the day, our stringent efforts at protecting Intellectual Property Rights will significantly benefit the Kingdom by enhancing the economy, attracting more foreign investments, and providing local IP holders with the protection they deserve.”

Aly Harakeh, Microsoft AP Lead for North Africa, Eastern Mediterranean and Pakistan stated, “Jordan has witnessed a steady decline in software piracy rates since 2003 managing to reduce piracy to 58%, which is below the regional average for the very first time. Local anti-piracy efforts, led by Department of the National Library under Director General Mamoun Talhouni and his team, have been major contributors to increasing Intellectual Property awareness amongst businesses, educational institutions and consumers, which has been vital in combating piracy.”

Harakeh went on to say, “Combating and reducing software piracy in Jordan will ultimately benefit the Kingdom in a number of ways. Besides providing users with better quality, security and support by using original software, reducing piracy will also help to attract investments to Jordan, creating more jobs and opportunities and positively contributing to the socio-economic welfare of the Kingdom. Most importantly, it will provide a safe environment for local innovators and creators to do more, secure in the knowledge that their talent and hard work will be protected and that they will be properly rewarded for their innovations.”

The IT industry’s leading global market research and forecasting firm, IDC, released a study in 2008 stating that reducing software piracy in Jordan could generate hundreds of new jobs and millions of dollars in economic growth, while increasing tax revenues to support local programs and services. A 10% decrease in software piracy over the next four years would create an additional 436 jobs, USD 47 million in local industry revenues and USD 14 million in additional tax revenues for federal, regional and local governments.

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