The Development Zones Commission and the Civil Defense Department Sign a Mutual Cooperation Agreement

Published September 1st, 2010 - 09:44 GMT

Jordan's Development Zones Commission (DZC) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Civil Defense Department (CDD) on August 29th 2010.

The agreement, which was signed between DZC's Chief Commissioner Bilal Bashir and the CDD's Director General, Maj. General Abdullah Hamadneh, comes as a culmination of the commission's and Civil Defense joint efforts towards simplifying the procedures pertaining, to the issuance of licenses, approvals and monitoring and the adoption of a more transparent and expedited approach. The commission also seeks to secure high safety standards and to organize a safe investment environment that guarantees the attraction of investors to the Kingdom's various development zones. Operating under the Development Zones Law, the new procedures will help propel and monitor the economic activity in these zones.

The importance of this agreement stems from the nature of the work undertaken by the CDD, which involves the direct supervision of the schematics of several-story, commercial, industrial and touristic buildings and the verification of their compliance with Jordanian standards. The CDD also handles the procedures for regular field inspections of safety regulations in order to secure the highest measures of safety for employees, in addition to liaising with the proper authorities with regards to safety licenses of construction sites.

"The creation of an attractive investment environment in the Kingdom's development zones requires expediency and efficiency in completing procedures and issuing approvals, in addition to the presence of investment opportunities that rival those offered globally," commented Bashir. "The CDD is the specialized department to handle the implementation of safety regulations for large-scale investment projects. We are committed to cooperating with all pertinent official bodies to create a lucrative and safe investment environment in the Kingdom."

Maj. General Abdullah Hamadneh said: "The safety and security standards we implement, together with the periodical inspections of various construction sites, are meant to save the lives of our citizens and our national assets. The signing of this agreement reaffirms the cooperation between the CDD and the DZC, which in turn plays a pioneering role in creating a healthy investment environment in the Kingdom. The agreement underscores the mutual desire between the nation's various entities to facilitate the investment process and propel the economic growth in the Kingdom."

The CDD will support DZC in the preparation of the technical requirements of economic activity, in addition to coordinating with the proper authorities in that regard. The department will also liaise with the relevant authorities to organize first-time and interim inspections of construction sites within any of the development zones operated by DZC. Other responsibilities to be shouldered by the department include the preparation of a manual for safety regulations and code of conduct, in addition to the review and analysis of master plans.

The cooperation between the CDD and DZC is expected to facilitate the operations within the Kingdom's development zones, which will create a seamless investment environment and help bolster the local economy.

DZC is the Jordanian governmental entity – financially and administratively independent – responsible for creating, regulating and monitoring the Development Zones in Jordan. Established in 2008, under the Development Zones Law, the Commission aims at increasing Jordan's Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), facilitating the creation of economic growth within certain zones towards enhancing the economic capability of the Kingdom, and creating an advanced investment environment for economic activities. DZC Board of Commissioners alongside to a One Stop Shop team administers, supervises and centrally approves comprehensive investment related administrative matters, expediting all governmental services quickly and efficiently in one location, while also providing a number of investment incentive and tax and customs exemptions.

DZC operates six development areas in various parts of the Kingdom, including the King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area in Mafraq, the Maan Development Area, the Irbid Development Area, the Dead Sea Development Area, the Jabal Ajloun Development Area and the Business Park Development Zone. 

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