Digital Home is not Just a Concept - It's Reality: D-Link Embraces "Link Your Life" Theme at CES

Published April 1st, 2010 - 09:58 GMT


DUBAI, UAE, January 7 /PRNewswire/ --

- By Tony Tsao, CEO and President, D-Link Corporation


Everything has gone digital - from streaming high-definition movies to an HDTV, storing terabytes of content for easy access, or remotely monitoring the home inside and out from anywhere in the world - the digital home is here now with D-Link.

Anyone who doesn't believe that the digital home has evolved from concept to reality need only stop by our D-Link exhibit space (Booth 36232) at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, Jan. 7-10, in Las Vegas to see how the digital home has become a reality.

Embracing the timely theme of "Link Your Life," D-Link is showing a mix of products that deliver a seamless connected experience throughout the home, demonstrating how the latest technology innovations enable today's consumers to enjoy easy-to-use connectivity and futuristic applications in their households like never before.

Best known for Wi-Fi, D-Link offers much more, with cutting edge solutions that tap into a strong Wi-Fi platform to enable shared storage, multimedia distribution, home surveillance, home monitoring and more. The D-Link Wi-Fi solutions on display are taking speeds faster and signals farther, all to enable merging applications that enhance the user's life.

The rise in popularity of digital media has been one of the biggest trends in the industry. Now users can get virtually any movie or music file from the Internet, either for free or through a paid subscription. This offers users an affordable option to access the entertainment they want on their HDTV. D-Link provides a full range of complementary products that empower users to store rich digital content and share it throughout their home and with others across the Internet.

'Social networking' is not just a buzz phrase; it is a true revolution where people interact with family and friends throughout the day on a variety of devices and topics. With the introduction of the Boxee Box by D-Link, the user's social network expands to the television -- enabling conversation, rating and sharing to occur via the tap of a remote control and onscreen interface.

Through the connected D-Link experience, customers can store and share all that matters most to them, their digital photos, home movies, music and more. They also have the ability to share their content with any PC in the home and to any television in the home via media players. They can also access those files from anywhere in the world by remotely accessing their D-Link ShareCenter storage drives and utilizing the online cloud back-up solution enabled through D-Link's newly-announced partnership with Ctera.

D-Link's latest digital home solutions illustrate the grip it holds on the digital home market and further exemplify the company's commitment to retain global market leadership. These solutions also reflect D-Link's commitment to meet and exceed customer demand for the maximum wireless speed and coverage as allowed by technology.

The future is now, but D-Link's vision for the new decade is of greater maturity for the home networking market, with the D-Link product family growing right beside it. Whereas the PC has served as the hub of the home network for the past several years, tomorrow's home network will be managed through alternative platforms such as set-top boxes and media servers. The PC is rapidly becoming one device among many that will reside on the home network and help enable home applications. Whatever the future holds, one thing is certain: D-Link is at the forefront.

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