A Discussion Panel on “The Women’s Movement”

Published March 23rd, 2010 - 10:58 GMT

On the occasion of the International Woman’s Day, The Regional Bureau of International Women Networking on Good Local Governance has organized, in cooperation with the Cultural Programs Department at the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), a discussion panel “entitled” The Women’s Movement - Joining in the Decision Making Process- Where to?” for the GAM employees.
Director of the Network, Ms. Arwa Balqar, said that the panel aims at shedding light on the Jordanian Women’s Movement, its role in the decision making, and its aspirations.
GAM Council Member, Dr. Hala Al-Khiyami, outlined the aspects of participation on the part of the Jordanian women in the political life, namely women’s appointment at the Upper House of the Parliament, the ministries, and the local municipal councils.
She pointed out to women’s achievements at GAM, and their high ranking positions, noting, at the same time, that these positions were acquired as a result of women’s proof of ability and of their participation in the decision making process.
Women’s rights activist, Emily Naffa’, reviewed the history of women’s movement in Jordan, and stages of development over the years.
She said that the women’s movement in Jordan needs more support, especially in regard to modernizing and developing the rules, in addition to the need for shedding light on women’s problems and social status through reinforcing relations with Arab and international women’s organizations for the purpose of supporting the national causes.
It is worth mentioning that the Regional Bureau of International Women Networking on Good Local Governance is one of the regional offices of “WIN-Metropolis” and it aims at upgrading women’s participation in local governance and decision making process on the local and regional levels. The Network operations cover the MENA Region.

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