District Cooling in Qatar Could Present a Solution to Reducing Energy Consumption Levels

District Cooling in Qatar Could Present a Solution to Reducing Energy Consumption Levels
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Published September 21st, 2010 - 11:58 GMT

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North African countries share a climate that regularly exceeds 45 degrees celsius, and harbour densely populated cities that place high demands on energy resources. To counter these high temperatures, the region is currently heavily dependant on the cooling provided by air conditioning and published data states that as much as 70% of the power used during peak times can be attributed to cooling systems.

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Distributing heating or cooling to multiple locations from one generator source is not a new concept and there have been numerous successful and sustainable projects globally that have proven both the feasibility and reliability of such schemes.

For an international comparison the successful examples of district cooling implementation to both residential and commercial developments in Europe, USA and the UAE can be considered. However the UAE's district cooling market has been severely affected by the economic downturn, due to both financing structures and the close link between many of the district cooling providers and the key regional developers.

District cooling still remains the most cost, energy and resource effective solution to the cooling requirements for climates with hot dry conditions. It is critical though that the mistakes and situations made are not repeated and that the perceived risks are mitigated prior to implementation.

Improved understanding of project economics, government legislation and the business environment can help to identify and mitigate the perceived threats to a cooling projects success. This combined with improved planning, design, maintenance and energy efficiency initiatives like co-generation will enable cost-efficiency, sustainability and energy savings to be achieved.

The District Cooling Summit Qatar, organized by IQPC Middle East, will provide a platform for benchmarking regional district cooling project best practice. Executive speakers from Qatari Diar, Marafeq, DC Pro Engineering, Arup, Saudi Tabreed, Mott Macdonald, ACEOM Middle East, Atkins Global, Stanley Consultants, KEO International, Carrier and many others will share regional and international district cooling expertise and technology innovations. This four-day event will provide a 360 degree perspective from the client, contractor, consultant and solution provider. 

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