Does Anybody Know Where Ashraf Ghani Is?

Published August 17th, 2021 - 12:08 GMT
Ashraf Ghani
Ashraf Ghani (

ALBAWABA - Just where is Ashraf Ghani, the now former president of Afghanistan. Nobody really knows! He sort of disappeared geographically.

Some are guessing he is in Tajikistan, some are saying he in in Uzbekistan, and still others are saying he is in Oman after the first two countries refused to host him after he fled the country once the Taliban entered Kabul.

Media outlets and the social media has been going crazy in speculation. India Today is saying Ghani is now definitely in Oman after Tajikistan denied him landing rights, waiting to go to the US as he is a dual national and has an American passport.

One post asks “what have they done to our president. Where is the resignation of the 72-year-old ex-President? Why would he go to Oman if he has lived in the UK for more than 20 years?” After all, he is anthropologists by training and has a doctoral degree, so maybe to look for a job!

With the UK angle the plot thickens. Another post, one relying on a “flight tracker” asks “If Ashraf Ghani is in Oman who is landing in Abu Dhabi from Termez? Could he have gone there? Would Abu Dhabi host him to get back at the Taliban and Qatar, maybe?

But this post is a one off and the likely bet continues to be Oman, but another post suggests Oman may not accept him either and therefore Muscat, if he is there, would be a temporary abode for the United States, but wonders he if Washington would accept one of its own citizens.

But no matter for the time being. Other reports suggest when Ghani fled the country abroad a helicopter had had bags full of money but some of these had to be left behind because they couldn’t be squeezed into the chopper.

Where ever he is, he is sure to have pots of money to tie him over but that's also because of the billions of dollars the Americans poured into introducing a semblance of democracy into Afghanistan over the past 20 years.


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