Double-Take® Software launches Double-Take® Cloud, an affordable cloud-based disaster recovery offering using Amazon web services

Published February 22nd, 2010 - 01:34 GMT

Threats to the availability of critical IT systems come in many shapes and sizes, and it is essential for companies of all sizes to prepare for any situation. Double-Take® Software(NASDAQ: DBTK) has partnered with Amazon to create a real-time workload recovery platform, Double-Take® Cloud, which will protect businesses from disaster and keep companies up and running without any upfront costs. Double-Take Cloud leverages Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and is the next step in the evolution of the way IT organizations approach the protection and recovery of workloads needed to run a business and stay productive.


Solution Overview:

Traditional disaster recovery solutions are often reserved for those companies that can afford  to build and manage a second data center, complete with back-up servers standing by in case of a disaster or outage – a costly practice that requires significant man-power hours and expertise. Other IT departments rely solely on the capabilities of local tape backup, also a time-consuming process with limited recovery capabilities.
Double-Take Cloud is a unique approach to cloud disaster recovery and creates efficiencies that enable customers of any size to keep a real- time copy of workload images and gain rapid recovery in the cloud.
Double-Take Cloud is made possible by using Double-Take Software’s system state replication engine, allowing customers to recover their data, applications, and operating systems, and resume a workload from bare metal.
Customers can run their recovered workloads on Amazon’s cloud platform while at the same time restoring the original workload at their production site.  This way, users can continue to access systems instead of potentially waiting days to get back to work.
Double-Take Cloud provides customers with first-class disaster recovery technology and functionality without the investment of time, expertise, and up-front costs associated with building out a separate disaster recovery data center, and provides true cloud recovery, rather than simple on-line storage.

Product Details and Capabilities:

Unlike online backup solutions that only protect the data, Double-Take Cloud uses Double-Take Software’s industry leading system state replication engine which allows customers to rapidly recover their data, applications, and operating systems in the cloud with a minimal amount of technical expertise. With this approach, companies need not worry about which files will be recovered and gain peace of mind knowing that the entirety of their workloads is protected.
Double-Take Software provides customers with the unique ability to easily start recovery servers in the cloud, which allows customers to spend their time building their businesses instead of spending time protecting against potential disasters.
Double-Take Cloud allows customers to leverage Amazon’s extensive compute, network, and storage capacity on an “as-needed” basis. This provides users with the operational and financial flexibility to navigate the ups and downs that come with running a business and to pay only for the space and capacity that they use.
Double-Take Cloud is fast, does not require maintaining spare equipment and only relies on moderate technical skills.

Positive Customer Experiences:

Centerline Construction and the Bellaire Family Practice are two businesses already taking advantage of Double-Take Cloud’s rapid recovery technology through a Texas-based, Double-Take Software delivery partner, CloudCover. CloudCover provides customers with an affordable, turnkey cloud recovery solution and allows businesses to focus on their core competencies while CloudCover provides backup and recovery expertise. Both Centerline Construction and Bellaire Family Practice see the value of accessing industry-leading disaster recovery technology through the cloud. Click here to learn about how they are using Double-Take Cloud.



Dean Goodermote, CEO of Double-Take Software: “Businesses already have the ability to meet their disaster recovery and backup needs through a variety of Double-Take Software products. However, our integration with Amazon’s cloud computing solutions provides customers with a new and innovative way to access the best disaster recovery technology and take advantage of what the cloud has to offer: low startup and management costs, ease of use, and the ability to scale resources as needed.”

Steve Scully, research manager at IDC: “The cloud allows companies of all sizes to access software without dealing with what are typically large up-front costs and time requirements. Through the cloud, Double-Take Software is enabling all types of businesses to access high-quality workload protection and recovery solutions that were previously unattainable due to the high cost and complexity with delivering the solution. “

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