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DQG, Dnata Renew Strategic Partnership

Published July 4th, 2010 - 11:37 GMT
Al Bawaba
Al Bawaba

Dubai Quality Group "DQG" today renewed its strategic partnership with "Dnata", a subsidiary of Emirates Group, at the meeting held between the two sides at Dnata head office in Dubai.

Mr. Ismail Al Banna, the executive vice president of Dnata, said, "In Dnata, we endeavor to apply the highest international quality standards to all the services we provide, especially that Dnata is one of the largest world supplier of air travel services and an important hub in the national economy. Therefore, renewing this partnership with DQG is meant to support our strategic plans to enhance our international position and create new commercial opportunities through achieving excellence and quality at work environment."

"Renewing this partnership has positive effects on our new projects and enables us to have new achievements especially in light of our geographical expansion which dominates world countries. This contributes to making our services available for all companies and individuals at large. We expanded our projects recently to include all sides of travel industry such as airport service management. We operate at 20 airports around the world including Britain, Australia and Switzerland. We also manage corporate travels and governmental departments travel services, holiday schedules, tourist tours, marketing, events management and marine services in the UAE." He also added.

Dr. Wafi Dawood, chairman of Dubai Quality Group said, "Dnata is one of the most important companies having an excellent investment partnership with DQG. Renewing this strategic partnership today is a clear indication of Dnata's strong belief of the importance and efficacy of events and activities organized by DQG throughout the year and its contribution to supporting and improving the performance of its staff. It also emphasizes our keenness on providing all possible support for business community with a view to achieve organizational performance in all organizations operating in the UAE."

"This partnership opens the doors for Dnata staff to make use of the various and specialized services offered by DQG in the field of organizational excellence and quality, especially after organizing a package of new services in addition to seminars, workshops and training programs. We will also work closely with Dnata to implement modern quality standards in all new programs and services to be launched by Dnata in the future." He also added. 

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