DreamBody Centre Launches its first weight loss competition in the Kingdom!

Published March 23rd, 2010 - 12:54 GMT

A press conference was held yesterday at the DreamBody Centre in Hamala to launch the DreamBody competition which will start on the first of April and will persist for 12 weeks three times a year. The competition aims to raise awareness on fitness and to maintain a healthy body through a 23 minutes weight loss training. Mr. Suhail Al Gosaibi, CEO and Founder of the centre , Mr. Mark Silvador, General Manager, and Ms. Saba Saleem, Marketing and Operations Manager, briefed the media about the competition throughout the  press conference.

 Winners will be given a cash prize of B.D. 1001. By the end of the season all contestants will be evaluated for maintaining their weight and only one winner will walk away with the grand prize, which is a “Toyota Fotuner” car.

On this occasion Mr. Suhail Al Gosaibi, CEO and founder, said “during the competition the centre’s members achieved tremendous results where many of them lost between 10 to 20 kgs.” Adding “those who attended full sessions managed to do a better progress and lost over 30 kgs. Depending on the ideal weight for their health and only after continuing at least three sessions in a row every week”.

 He also highlighted the reason for launching such a competition by stating that :“ after the great result we had and the feedback we obtained from our members, we thought of awarding those who are working hand in hand with our trainers and to heat up the challenge among them to achieve even better results! I am so proud of those who worked on making their dream come true and of those who were determined to work closely with our professional trainers who helped them reach their goals without using other harmful methods generally used to loose weight temporarily”.

It is to be noted that the GCC region suffers from a very high levels of obesity which is linked to chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and joints pain and this is a very important issue to bring both government and private sectors to work together to combat  such challenges and spread the right awareness with health related educational programs in order to urge people of various age groups to change their nutrition habits by integrating a daily workout into their lifestyles.

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