Dubai Customs first to attain ESOMAR membership

Published October 6th, 2009 - 09:30 GMT

Dubai- Dubai Customs managed to obtain a membership in the international association; ESOMAR in the first annual half of 2009, inline with the Department's keenness to boost the quality of measuring opinions and impressions studies of the perspective categories in order to further the credibility and precision of its data and to continually achieve the highest level of objectivity while conducting studies at the Department.

ESOMAR Association is a well-reputed world organization in the field of research and field studies as it adopts the top international standards in this domain. It comprises over 5000 members from 2000 companies in 100 countries around the world.

Strategy and Corporate Excellence Department at Dubai Customs started to implement ESOMAR standards while gauging opinions and impressions of all perspective categories; the community, the employees, strategic partners, suppliers and internal and external clients.

Joining this international organization enhances the scientific value of the Department's studies and researches and their credibility through adopting the best international practices in the field of making public opinion studies. These adopted standards by ESOMAR that are being implemented by all members are precise, unbiased, transparent and objective.

Researchers at Dubai Customs are committed to the main principles which are adopted by ESOMAR international standards among which marketing researches and the polls must be legal, reliable, honest, objective and parallel to the appropriate scientific principles. Moreover, researchers should not behave in such a manner that can compromise the integrity of the field studies profession or the public's trust. The studies should be carried out professionally and according to the honorable and accepted terms of the market's competition. The research should also be clear and separate from any other activities that have nothing to do with the marketing research arena. In addition, the marketing research should not take advantage of the participants' trust or their lack of experience and knowledge.

It's worth mentioning that the methodology of implementing opinion studies that was approved by the Department was set according to ESOMAR Association standards. Furthermore, up to this date Dubai Customs is the only government department that has received this membership in the UAE.

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