Dubai eGovernment to provide accredited certificates on completion of 'Government Resource Planning Systems' training courses

Published May 3rd, 2010 - 10:39 GMT

Dubai eGovernment has recently announced that it will award accredited certificates to Dubai government employees who successfully complete the Government Resource Planning (GRP) Systems training courses. The certificates will be handed out to the participants who fulfill the requirements and pass the relevant tests during the advanced training sessions for GRP systems, which are an essential tool for government departments to efficiently managing their basic resources.

The Customer Relationship Management Department at Dubai eGovernment has been appointed to carry out the preparations and coordination needed to implement the training courses and to provide the tools necessary to guarantee their success and achievement of the goals set by Dubai eGovernment. The Training Unit serves as the point of contact with the Department's customers and is responsible for the management and organisation of the training sessions offered to local government employees.

The program aims at enhancing the capabilities and skills of the employees of government departments regarding the usage of the GRP Systems and reinforcing the relevant services in cooperation with the GRP Systems Department, whose specialists provide training and are responsible for preparing the training material. Currently, the Training Unit intends to launch training courses targeting all end-users of GRP Systems. In the long term, the Unit aims to organise training sessions for end-users at the eServices and Infrastructure Management Departments.

"The program is one of the major projects for the year 2010 and an important step in our efforts to improve our communication lines with customers. It will also help further enhance government performance, reinforce administrative transparency and increase operational efficiency. We have organised these training courses in line with our commitment to make the best out of the multiple features being offered by these systems in supporting our vision, which is reaching the highest levels of excellence and enabling the employees to perform their duties with high efficiency. In addition, this program promotes decentralisation and automation, and helps in managing human resources according to the highest international standards," said Ahmed Bin Humaidan, Director General of Dubai eGovernment.

"The Government Resource Planning Systems Department has successfully achieved a remarkable progress during the past two years in many aspects such as automation of a HR law for airports, judges and members of the judicial power and another law for hiring retired nationals to work for Dubai government bodies in addition to implementing the systems in new departments and applying new additional systems in the departments using the systems such as Asset Maintenance Department, Project Management Department and Property Management Department. This has led us to intensify our efforts to launch these training programs on a wider scale and add impetus to the e-transformation process of Dubai. This program is supplementary to about 100 training courses involving 900 employees, which were organised last year. Certainly, we are committed to promoting cooperation with all government bodies in order to guarantee the success of such projects, which aim to enhance the shared eServices among all Dubai government departments," Bin Humaidan added.

"Dubai eGovernment's Customer Relationship Management Department conducts training for primary users from Dubai Government's local departments. The department annually formulates four major plans to organise 140 training courses and so far we have awarded course participation certificates to all the trainees who have demonstrated serious commitment during the courses. Currently we are in the process of finalizing the "Accredited Certificates" that will be awarded to the trainees after they pass the advanced and intensive courses they enrol for. The certificate confirms that the government employees have the basic knowledge about the Government Resource Planning systems. At the conclusion of each course, a comprehensive evaluation shall be conducted to determine the effectiveness of these courses, in addition to exploring the trainees' feedback and ensuring that programs that fulfill their diverse needs and requirements are developed," said Huda Mohamed Al-Hashimi, Director of Customer Relationship Management Department, Dubai eGovernment.

The Government Resource Planning Systems, which has been adopted by 29 Dubai Government departments, relying on the support of 25 integrated systems, is the main system that government departments depend on to efficiently manage their basic resources. The GRP System covers the following areas: financial systems, HR administration systems, payroll systems, supply chain, asset management and several other automated systems that increase the efficiency of government departments and facilitate interaction with external parties such as job applicants, government customers, and government suppliers.

The GRP systems give government department employees the opportunity to efficiently perform their duties, as they provide a wide range of training data to enhance professional expertise. Dubai eGovernment is keen to activate these systems and train government department employees to use them, in line with the Dubai Strategic Plan 2015 objectives of achieving governmental excellence and building an integrated knowledge-based society.

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