Dubai Judicial Institute discusses launch of year-long training and rehabilitation courses

Published November 25th, 2009 - 01:34 GMT

Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI), a leading center of law studies and judicial training in Dubai, recently received a delegation from the General Directorate of Forensic Evidences and Criminology at Dubai Police headed by Lieutenant Colonel and expert Ahmad Matar Al-Muheiry to discuss areas of collaboration in order to launch a set of continuous training and qualification programs. The programs will include a series of activities focused on sharing of knowledge, along with all-year training courses, and a series of seminars, workshops, interactive activities, and a ‘continuity between generation program’, all featuring prominent personalities.


DJI also revealed that the number of registrants for the Legal and Judicial Sciences Diploma Program, that qualify the applicants to work as district attorneys in Dubai, has increased by an impressive 300 per cent this year. A total of 200 registrants applied to this program, 128 of whom met the conditions while 21 were enrolled into the eleventh batch.


This meeting is a part of the joint efforts between DJI and Dubai Police to organise judicial rehabilitation programs and all-year training courses within the Emirate of Dubai. The meeting specifically focused on discussing the role and participation of the Forensic Evidences experts in training the eleventh batch of the Legal and Judicial Sciences Diploma Program students at DJI. The Forensic Evidences and Criminology Directorate will supervise the delivery of the course contents related to forensics, as part of the training plan for 2009-10 set by the Scientific Council of Dubai Judicial Institute.


The Forensic Evidences and Criminology Directorate at Dubai Police plans to provide DJI trainees with all the training tools, equipment, high-standard rehabilitation courses, specialized experts and advanced labs that will enable the trainees to maximize their benefit from the applied information. This, in turn, will enhance the level of personnel working for the UAE’s judicial and legal bodies. The training courses offered jointly will tackle various topics such as forensic medicine and criminal evidences, and the syllabus will include studies on criminal electronic evidence investigation; crime scene administration; DNA extraction from the crime scene; and preservation of and dealing with evidence including detection of hazardous materials and narcotics.


Commenting on the meeting, Dr. Jamal Alsumaiti, Director General of Dubai Judicial Institute, said: “Our strategic partnership with the General Directorate of Forensic Evidences and Criminology at Dubai Police is characterized by high levels of productivity and effectiveness. Our two consecutive years of jointly providing such courses and programs reflect the leading role played by the criminal lab at the local and regional levels. Hence, we are pleased to present our trainees with new training syllabi under the supervision of the Directorate of Forensic Evidences and Criminology at Dubai Police that are in line with the highest international standards.”


“I would like to take the opportunity to commend Lt. General Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Commander General of Dubai Police and Chairman of the Security & Justice Committee, for supporting the development of a transparency-based integrated judicial and legal system. I would also like to affirm our full commitment to constantly cooperate with various local, regional and international entities to realize our vision of supporting investments into manpower development, in line with the execution of Dubai’s strategic plans 2015 in all the various aspects and fields of life,” he added.


On the other hand, Lieutenant Colonel and expert Ahmad Matar Al-Muheiry, Acting Manager of the General Directorate of Forensic Evidences and Criminology Directorate, said: “This meeting comes as a part of the instructions of the Higher Authorities represented by the Commander General and his deputy to provide the best services. We are always keen on enhancing our collaboration with DJI, which is a respected development center for training of future judges and district attorneys. We look forward to communicating with the Institute and providing it with the available means such as expertise, syllabi and advanced lab facilities needed to further promote its vision and future plans of elevating local legal and judicial mechanisms to the highest international standards and specifications. We certainly hope to achieve even more cooperation in the near future and to expand the scope of these courses to deal with all other fields related to the judicial system.”


The Dubai Judicial Institute was established in 1996 as an independent department. The Institute was mainly found to provide rehabilitation programs and all-year training courses for aspiring judges, lawyers, district attorneys and their legal agents. Its main goal is to be the regional center for promoting judicial transparency, raising judicial training standards and encouraging promising and qualified UAE nationals to occupy key positions in the judicial system. The Institute, as part of its future plans, aims to provide legal consultancy to various public and private organisations in the UAE and conduct research and studies in all legal and judicial areas.

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