Dubai Women’s College students showcase their E-Business Entrepreneurship Projects

Published April 1st, 2010 - 09:50 GMT
 35 Dubai Women’s College (DWC) E-Business students recently displayed their final industry project on campus. As part of their business curriculum, students learned how to develop into young entrepreneurs. The students showcased their individual E-Business idea that they had planned, created and designed.  They presented their business plans to a panel of industry experts and received valuable suggestions on developing their plans further.
The business ideas created by the students were extensive and wide-ranging. Many traditional as well as new age service business ideas were formed including a home spa, home service gift wrapping, online auction, fashion photography, handbags from recycled materials, etc. Students found the project challenging as well as gratifying on many levels.
Reem Al Saffar, DWC e-business student, developed a business plan based on her passion for designing and working with crystals. Her business is called ‘Rimzat’. She designs car rims using crystals and her imagination. All of her ideas are original and distinctive. Since Reem displayed her idea in the DWC Student Center, she has received numerous orders for her products. “This project gave me a chance to experience the real business world and allowed me to express myself in a different way. In other words, it uncovered many things inside me such as passion and creativity. What I learnt from this is that if I believed in my idea and I had the passion I can make anyone invest in it.” said Al Saffar.
 ‘M-Design’, an English–Arabic card designing business created by student Maryam Moosa, was one of the e-business displayed projects. Maryam is planning to start up her own business after graduation as she really enjoys designing cards, “I have learned during this process that I have to choose something that I love to work on it,” she commented.
‘Baked-in-a-Jar’ is the business idea of student Noora Al Hashimi. This business allows her to combine her love of cooking with her business skills. “First of all, doing my graduation project individually was a big responsibility because I had to do all my work and take all the decisions myself, but I really learned a lot of things from it. For example, I became more self-confident and independent. Moreover, it developed my e-business skills and it gave me a wider knowledge of starting my own business and I’m looking forward to making it real after graduation,” said Noora.
Student Asma Al Awadhi’s passion for children led her to create the ‘Kidzkum Nursery’. Her idea is based on providing children with a bilingual nursery environment. “This project made me think outside the box and always choose what I want,” she pointed out adding that, “Examining things from different aspects is also an important thing that I learned because this can help me not only in my business but throughout my life.’
The Business department at DWC helps students develop entrepreneurial skills in a number of ways. Early in their studies, students learn the skills of critical thinking and decision making which are essential in becoming an entrepreneur. Students then learn all the fundamental business skills such as accounting and marketing and apply these skills in a real way by writing business plans and developing more complex business ideas in their final projects.
Dubai Women’s College has been an HCT flagship institution for over 20 years providing world-class education for women in the UAE. With a mission supported by the ELITE principles: Excellence, Leadership, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship, DWC has been recognized as being at the pinnacle of higher education in UAE.

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